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WISER Tutorial Videos

The following tutorial videos introduce and demonstrate basic WISER functionality. They include a dive into the information provided by a known substance as well as a demonstration of WISER's protective distance mapping feature. Feedback and comments are appreciated as we strive to make these tutorials better for the first responders who rely on WISER to do their job.

These videos were produced using WISER for iOS on an iPhone device. However, equivalent functionality exists for all versions of WISER, including the iPad, Android, Windows, and web versions (WebWISER).

Introduction to WISER

This easy-to-follow video from the National Library of Medicine shows an overview of the key features and capabilities of the Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) tool/app.

Transcript: Introduction to WISER

Known Substance

This video from the National Library of Medicine explores how to search known substances with WISER. It explains the sources of information that WISER draws upon, and how the information is displayed. You will see the role-based grouping of information, so the most pertinent information is displayed at the top. Whether you’re looking for PPE information, fire fighting procedures, physical properties of a substance, treatment guidelines, or clean-up and environment information, WISER has the information you need… right at your fingertips!

Transcript: Known Substance

Protective Distance

This video demonstrates WISER’s protective distance mapping feature, which uses the information you gather from the scene of an accident to walk you through the steps needed to isolate a spill, leak or fire, and determine the appropriate isolation zone. Using the ERG protective distance for a substance, WISER plots protective distances on a map so you can get a clear idea of the initial isolation zone, downwind distance, and full area of concern.

Transcript: Protective Distance