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What's New in WISER for iOS 4.6

WISER for iOS 4.6, a universal app for Apple iOS devices, is now available. This new release adds the following tools to WISER's toolbox:

Radiation Unit Converter

The Radiation Unit Converter includes radioactivity, exposure, absorbed dose, and dose equivalent conversions.

Exposure iPhone Example Absorbed Dose iPhone Example Radiation Unit Converter iPad Example
Radiation Dose Estimator

The Radiation Dose Estimator uses the exposure date/time and vomiting date/time to estimate the dose received.

Radiation Dose Estimator iPhone Example Radiation Dose Estimator iPad Example
Triage Algorithms

WISER provides two triage algorithms, the START Adult Triage Algorithm and the JumpSTART Pediatric Triage Algorithm.

JumpSTART iPhone Example JumpSTART History iPhone Example JumpSTART iPad Example