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Introducing WISER for iOS 3.1
WISER for iOS 3.1, a universal app for Apple iOS devices, is now available. This new release integrates Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM) content and updates the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) content to 2012. See below for more information on this release. CHEMM integration brings the following new features to WISER: ERG content is now updated to the 2012 release. The iPhone version of WISER now includes a separated, full ERG 2012 tool.
New, Customized User Profiles

WISER now includes new hospital provider and preparedness profiles. All profiles now include a customized WISER home page, bringing relevant content to your fingertips.

EMS Profile Hospital Provider Profile
Acute Care Guidelines

Acute care guidelines are now available for 6 known mass casualty agents/agent classes, including:

  • Pulmonary agents : ammonia, chlorine, and phosgene
  • Blistering agents: Mustard agents
  • Nerve agents
  • "Knockdown agents": hydrogen cyanide

Chlorine Acute Care Mustard Agents Acute Care

The new CHEMM Intelligent Syndrome Tool (CHEMM-IST), a help identify tool designed to diagnose the type of chemical exposure after a mass casualty incident, is now included within WISER.

ERG 2012 Tool

All ERG content is updated to the ERG 2012 release. The iPhone version of WISER includes a separate ERG 2012 tool.

ERG Home Chlorine Chlorine Protective Distance