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Introducing WISER for Android
WISER is now available for Google Android devices. Take a look at these features of this exciting new WISER release:
Look for updates to WISER for Android in the coming months, including the addition of WISER's powerful help identify feature and full suite of tools.
Search WISER's full set of known substances.

WISER's full database of chemical, biological, and radiological substances is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch platform. This includes trusted information for over 440 substances from NLM's Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB).

Known Substance Search Known Substance Data Known Substance Data
Take advantage of WISER's new simplified search.

WISER's ability to search has been greatly simplified. Simply search by name or ID (CAS RN, STCC, or UNNA) directly within the single, integrated search box. Search results are tagged with the appropriate identifier.

Simplified Search Example Simplified Search Example Simplified Search Example
Browse WISER substances by category.

Browse WISER's substances by broad or specific category, including DOT Hazard Classification or WMD agent type.

Browse by Category Example Browse by Category Example Browse by Category Example
Track your recent substance history.

WISER for Android tracks your substance access and provides links to these recently accessed substances directly from the home page.

History Example