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What's New in WISER 6.2

Take a quick look at what's included in this release:

  • Updates to the ERG 2020 are now available!
    • Spanish translations are now provided for limited ERG-specific content (ERG guide page and most protective distance data) only.
    • Fire-specific scenario data can now be plotted on protective distance maps.
  • Added many small fixes and updates across all WISER platforms.

See more details below.

ERG 2020

ERG-specific content (ERG guide page and protective distance data) is now provided in both French and Spanish where available. This feature is limited to ERG data only.

iOS - French Example iOS - Spanish Example

The ability to plot fire-specific protective distance data has been added when available for a given substance. These distances are sourced directly from ERG guide page data.

WebWISER - Fire Distances