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What's New in WISER 6.1

Take a quick look at what's included in this release:

  • The ERG 2020 is now available!
    • French translations are now provided for limited ERG-specific content (ERG guide page and most protective distance data) only. Spanish translations for this content are coming soon.
    • ERG materials without a UN, a labeling process new for the ERG 2020, are now handled both internally and within the WISER sharing API.
  • The transportation search criteria (placards, rail cars, and road trailers) for WISER's Help Identify Chemical tool has been refreshed and updated.
  • WISER for Android APIs have been updated, enhancing compatibility with newer devices.
  • Added many small fixes and updates across all WISER platforms.

See more details below.

ERG 2020

Fully integrated content from the Department of Transportation's Emergency Response Guidebook 2020 (ERG 2020) is now available. This includes ERG 2020 guide page and protective distance content as well as the ability to view ERG 2020 materials along with your WISER substance search results.

iOS - ERG search results iOS - ERG material WebWISER - ERG 2020

ERG-specific content (ERG guide page and protective distance data) is provided in French where available. This experimental feature is limited to ERG data only. Spanish translations will be added at a later date.

Share Android - Guide Page French Share Android - Protective Distance French