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What's New in WISER 5.1

Take a quick look at the what's included in this release:

  • CHEMM 2.0 reference material and substance data
  • New AEGL data from the EPA
  • Data updates based on the latest Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) content.
  • Android
    • Upgrades for KitKat. OS 4.4 is now required.
    • Protective distance "point into the wind" feature added for devices with a compass.
  • Windows
    • Completely new installer.
    • Leverages new features of .NET. Version 4.6.1 is now required.
  • Fixes to Emergency Response Guide UN searches (duplicates now displayed) across all platforms
  • Many smaller updates and bug fixes

Data Updates

This release includes major updates to WISER's library of CHEMM, AEGL, and HSDB data.

Android Compass Example Android Data Example
Point into the Wind

A protective distance "point into the wind" feature was added for devices with a compass. The wind direction interface now provides the ability to leverage your device's compass to indicate the current direction of the wind for a protective distance map.

Android Compass Example