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What's New in 4.3

Take a quick look at some of the most significant changes we've made to WISER in this release:

See what was new in 4.2.

View Results and Data Side by Side

Search Known Substances and Help Identify Unknown Chemicals using an interface that presents the your results side by side with the substance content.

Search Known Substances

Help Identify Unknown Chemical
Use WISER's Enhanced Data Menu

WISER's enhanced data menu now remembers the previous selection and provides an option to leave the menu open while browsing substance data.

Enhanced Data Menu
View and Arrange Multiple Substances

Substance data is now displayed in tabs, allowing you to view more than one substance and, if desired, arrange these substances as needed.

Arranged Tabs
Compare Substances

Substances can now be compared directly using a synchronized data menu.

Compare Substances
class="contentitem"> Navigate your Previous Activity

WISER now tracks the activity of your current session, allowing you to backtrack and revisit this activity.

History Buttons