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What's New in 4.2

Take a quick look at some of the most significant changes we've made to WISER in this release:

1WISER for Windows only 2Not available with WISER for Palm OS

Map Protective Distance Data

The ability to overlay the protective distance data for a WISER substance on an interactive map is a completely new feature for this release. Use the button on the data screen or the link within the protective distance data to view this map.

Find Protective Distance Data

Provide an address to display the protective distance overlay at your selected location. Alter the wind direction, spill size, and time of day to match your incident.

whats_new_4_2_map (108K)
Identify Chemicals By Transport

Chemicals can now be identified using transportation criteria, including the use of the displayed Department of Transportation placard or the type of container (rail car or road trailer). This feature, which is ripped right out of the DOT's Emergency Response Guidebook 2008, provides yet another way to identify an unknown chemical that you may encounter.

Identify By Transport
View Biological Agent Imagery

Biological agent imagery now joins the library of substance data provided by WISER. This imagery is accessed by using the substance data menu of a biological agent, much like any other piece of substance data.

Biological Agent Imagery
Improved Results List Grouping

An improved user interface for the Group By feature of the results list of the Help Identify Unknown feature makes it easier to determine key differentiators.

Results List Group-By
Improved Help Identify Unknown user interface for Windows Mobile

In Windows Mobile, the user interface for the Help Identify Unknown feature has been redesigned. Tabs are no longer used to navigate to each of the the criteria catories (properties, symptoms, etc.). Instead, the start/progress screen contains buttons and links indicating the number of criteria selected. Use the Progress button next to the progress bar to return to the start/progress screen; use the Results button to navigate to the results list.

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Windows Mobile Help Identify Unknown