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User Feedback

Here are some examples of what our users have to say about WISER! Please contact us to give your own feedback.

By far the most comprehensive hazmat tool I have used... I am an 18th year Hazmat Tech with a career FD and a part time Hospital Disaster Preparedness Coordinator.

Thank you! This is one of the best tools ever created for emergency response, period.

The [mapping] feature is great ... I appreciate everything you guys do and think you've made a great product for emergency responders.

The new mapping tool is excellent

I am very impressed with the mapping feature now and the integration with Virtual Earth ... I look forward to using WISER on a regular basis

I really appreciate the mapping and printing abilities in this update. Thanks for all your work.

I am a huge fan !! This WISER platform is the best thing since sliced bread.

One of my duties is to be Incident Safety Officer for significant events and/or events occuring on State property. Your software will help me in this regard. Another duty is Industrial Hygienist for IOSHA. Again, the WISER is a help by combining several different resources into one database. Thanks!

This is a great program and I want to thank you folks for helping keep us safer in the field.

keep up the good work, WISER is a true blessing for the emergency response community

Excellent program. My first choice always. Great for those of us who do not have a degree in chemistry or biology or know-it-all-ology.

Wiser is my right hand-man doing my job in the military. I use Webwiser and Palm OS. Really a great piece of software. Keep it up.

I just wanted to say what a great resource the WISER product is to the front line officers that may be dealing with these hazardous substances.Thank You!!

the software is AMAZING! WOW! It is great stuff with a wealth of information at your fingertips! This tool will really make people safer. I applaud your efforts!

This allows me to get the information I need immediatey so we can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

I can't tell you how valuable this tool is for my HAZMAT Team and I. I am a career Fireman, but all of my education is in Information Technology. Keep up the good work!

I've been waiting for something like this for years - Great and Thank You ... This program will save lives

Thanks for your work, this is undoubtedly the best data program for emergency response work I have seen in my 25+ years of hazardous materials response work in the private sector.

I use WISER as part of the Health and Safety Plan development for transportation emergencies. The program is amazing and I really enjoy working with it and showing other responders the depth of information it has. Thanks for your help.

Awesome!!!! We are developing decon response guidelines, etc. for a nuclear facility. In fact, I am working on it as this is being written! The [WISER rad] information will be great to include for the program. I am a big supporter and user of the WISER tool. We advertise it to all clients for their use in hazmat/WMD response

Your Program is amazing. I have taken a spot on the Hazmat/Decon team ... I always strive a little more to make sure our resources are the most advanced and up to datealong with our training and dedicated people involved. Your program will only facilitate an already outstanding group of people. I want to Sincerely Thank you on belhalf of the residents ... Because of your program, we will be better prepared to handle such emergency situations.

Great Program!!!! I have used this program during one of our HazMat drills and everyone was suprised on the information that I was able to obtain in such a short time.Looking forward to the next version!keep up the good work.

I am a member of the .. Fire Dept. ... Hazmat team. We use WISER as one our primary resources, and it it happens to be my personal favorite.

As always this is a great product, both for training and for real world.

We love using wiser. ... I have told my crew it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I want to thank you for your product, I have had it on my Palm Treo for about a year now. I am the Assistant Fire Chief on a small rural volunteer fire department, we don't have alot of Hazmat incidents, but I have used it in scenarios many times. Like I said before thanks for such a great product, I love having it in my phone and at my fingertips at all times. Keep up the great work.

The new version looks great! I'm glad you included radioactive materials. While I've dealt with small radioactive spills, this will help with those isotopes that I'm not familiar with. I also was glad to see the Emergency Response guide included. One less reference that I'll have to carry.Thanks for producing such a wonderful tool!!

Very well thought out, works very well on PC and using PDA version on BlackBerry. I'm impressed at the ease of use and quick loading on the BlackBerry.... Overall, great work - this makes a great addition to the tools available in the field.

I really like the work in both wiser and erg 2008 awesome job.

I really like the product! Lots of concise, useful info.

I will roll it out through our mobile fleet. I believe this will be a good additional piece of software for the field units. I am already putting on all desk top computers, so anyone can assist if there is a chemical question.

Am a healthcare worker in the UK and love the software. Any chance you could make a version for the Blackberry as since I've upgraded my mobile I'm lost without WISER.

I'm from Colombia and I former the Red Cross and this material is very import for educative trainig. thanks for all and my apoligies for my inglish ... your are a real hero because your job save many people arround the word

This is the best training program I have found as far as dealing with haz mat, very simple to use.

...just wanted to let you know I use WISER and tell others about it all of the time. I teach for ... State University's Continuing Ed. Domestic Preparedness and I make sure all of my students are aware of WISER.

This program is going to prove very useful not only for the Fire Dept. I am with but also my company as a Hazmat Spill Responder.

I've been a FF for 13 years, a Captian as well as a ... EMT. This is great.

This is one of the best tools I have on any Hazmat Resonse. I use it on every response we run on. Thanks for this program.

This is an incredibly helpful tool that enables a responder to confront a haz mat scene with some confidence and knowledge before getting to the scene.

Thanks for looking out for us "responders"!

I'm actively spreading the gospel about this wonderful program it kinda makes the Emergency Response Guidebook look small. There is so much info in WISER I've managed to get my colleagues at work to start using the application.

[On TOXNET and WISER...] You've done amazing work and benefit a lot of people and areas.

As a Paramedic, I have found this tool on my Palm very useful on several occasions. Keep up the great work!

My wife and I are paramedics ... and we both are very taken with WISER and its possibilities.

Your database has been extremely helpful during routine work and for information while responding to small (incidental) spills. I have installed WISER on my PC, laptop and my palm.

Excellent interface, seems easy to operate so far. I like the fact that my windows mobile download does not require any outside connection. My department serves a very rural district where cell phone access to the internet is spotty at best.

I was pleased to see downloadable installers for the software, since the county has had quite a lot of difficulty with the connectivity of the mobile data consoles in our units (most of the time we just leave them off).

Thanks for an awesome program. I use it several times a week from my Palm.

[after resolving an installation problem...] Thank you very much for your reply. I like WISER and didn't want to be without it ... I am very happy to have WISER back on my mobile device. I am, also very impressed with the new features.

THANKS for Wiser, it's great... I used the programs you all put together for training for our Regional Haz Mat Team and they worked great. The scenarios you provided were short, concise and really helped to get the point of how well and easy Wiser works. Kudos for a job well done. Keep up the good work and by all means please continue with the training support.

I have used the WISER program on various occassions, and consider it to be one the best sources of information.

I am a Level 1 Hazmat Advisor. I hold a full ADR licence which allows me to drive all classes of vehicles carrying any type of hazardous goods. I am one of a few Traffic supervisors in London, oncall 24 hours a day to deal with incidents involving vehicles carrying hazardous goods. I am also authorised as a Health and Safety Inspector. Now I have said who I am, can I thank you for making this excellent software available for download. It is just what I have been looking for. Concise, fast, I cannot praise your efforts enough.This will improve the speed at which I can pass information regarding substances to colleagues.

Very good program which I keep on my palm that comes in handy when away from a reference in the office or car - especially as its FREE!! Well done.

This is a wonderful product! The install was easy and it works great on my PDA as well as my PC...Thanks, this has become a standard part of our computer programs for HazMat.

I was suprised how easy it was to use and navigate. I put in on my Palm and laptop.

This program is a very valuable tool, and very comprehensive for the majority of common major hazards. I value its resource, and hope for further improvement!

Good morning,I have used WISER along with several commercially available products for the last 6 months or so. I like WISER, particularly how easy it is to find the information that is there. I consider the content to be very good ... Thank you for a great product!

You have a really great product

The [training] packages are brilliant!, and the inclusion of video packages is excellent to demonstrate the power of WISER.

you guys are awesome!!! Thanks for this very excellent and important tool...

Great program that is easy to use

Great site. I use it almost on a daily basis.

Thanks for this helpful training tool

this software is wonderful...Keep up the good work.

This is a great program!

We love WISER

[from Spain...] WISER is a fantastic program that is many usefulness for us