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Coming Soon to WISER
Look for the following to be in the WISER News soon:
  • ERG 2020 - Spanish Translation
  • Key information update and redesign
  • Data updates for all platforms, including the addition of new data fields and many new WISER substances
  • Data consolidation and presentation improvements
  • User interface improvements, including updated support for the Windows and WebWISER platforms.
  • Enhanced search capabilities for identification of unknown substances, such as automatic alerting of key differentiators
  • Protective distance mapping enhancements
    • Incident-centric GIS support
    • Aggregate (e.g. all substances involved or worst case) mapping
    • Resource (e.g. trucks, incident command center) tools
  • Biological agent additions (e.g., H1N1)
  • Enhanced printing support for all platforms.
  • Support for user customization, such as definition of custom substance categories and the Hot Links of the substance data display
  • Improvements to organization of and navigation between the data options on the substance data display
  • Additional radiological tools and reference material content
  • Additional biological tools and reference material content
  • Enhancements to the substance category features, including additional substance category definitions
  • Continue to explore opportunities for collaboration, e.g., US EPA's and NOAA's CAMEO and NIOSH's ERSH-DB
  • And more!

Anything here that is especially important to you? Don't see the feature(s) you desire? Please tell us about it!