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Want to get notices of WISER updates and news? If so, please leave the box below checked to sign up for the WISER e-mail list. This list is used to send important announcements about WISER, such as updates, bug fixes, and new capabilities.

Why is it important to get update information?

The information in WISER is derived from the peer-reviewed Hazardous Substances Data Bank, and we have conducted a verification process. However, updates to substance data may be made as more research is conducted. We would like to be able to inform you of important changes in the data, some of which may be critical for the safe use of the information.

We will not release your e-mail address for any other purpose, and we assure you that any e-mail we send will be infrequent and concise. Also, you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you choose not to join the WISER e-mail list, you can still download and use WISER, but you will not receive notification of updates.