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Help Resources Summary

If you cannot find the help you need from the following resources, then please contact us.

About WISER: description, background, and other general information.

User Guides: For selected platforms, a comprehensive User Guide document is available detailing the use of WISER on that platform. These are available on your PC following installation (see the Windows Start menu), and can also be obtained separately from the respective download pages of this web site.

Technical Support: get answers to your technical questions. Note that the installation for each platform also includes a README with platform requirements and installation instructions (the Windows Start menu); these are also available on the respective download pages of this web site.

WISER Tutorial Videos: Videos that introduce WISER and demonstrate WISER functionality.

Training Resources: materials for providing WISER training.

Join the WISER e-mail list: receive notifications about important WISER news, such as the availability of updates and new releases.