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WISER for Windows
Download - Version 4.6.12 (Apr 27, 2015)

Use the button below to download the installer for WISER.

The WISER application requires at least 28 megabytes of hard disk space and the Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. The WISER installer will automatically detect if an installation/upgrade of .NET is required on your computer, and if Internet connectivity is available it will automatically download and install it. .NET can also be downloaded/installed separately from here.

View the README for system requirements, installation instructions, and release notes.

CD-ROM Image

This download is identical to the above, except that it includes the .NET Framework (so it doesn't have to be downloaded during the WISER install). As a result, it very large (251 MB). The intention for this download is that it be written to a CD, which can then be used for installing to computers that do not have Internet connectivity.

WISER Documentation

The WISER User Guide is included in the above downloads, and is also available separately here. Requires Adobe® Reader®, freely available at

View the WISER Substance List