WISER for PocketPC
(Windows Mobile touchscreen devices)
Download - Version 4.4.33 (Mar 08, 2011)

Use the button below to download the WISER installer to your Microsoft Windows PC, and run it on your PC to install WISER to your connected mobile device.

This download is for PDAs and phones that have a touch screen (use a stylus) and run Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 (version 4.x) or Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or later. (Pocket PC 2002 [Pocket PC Version 3.x] users: please click here.)

Installation requires ActiveSync version 4.0 or higher on Windows XP, and Windows Mobile Device Center version 6.0 or higher on Windows Vista or later. The latest versions can be found here.

View the README (system requirements, installation instructions, release notes)

WISER Documentation

The WISER User Guide is included in the above downloads, and is also available separately here. Requires Adobe® Reader®, freely available at adobe.com.

View the WISER Substance List