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Download WISER

Choose the platform on which you wish to use WISER:

WISER for Windows

This download supports personal computers (desktops, laptops, mobile data terminals) that run Microsoft Windows XP or later.


Download WISER for iOS touch directly from Apple's App Store.

WISER for Android

Download WISER for Android directly from the Google Play store.

WISER for Windows Mobile (PocketPC/Smartphone)

These downloads support PDAs/Smartphones running Microsoft Pocket PC and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Please choose the download that matches your type of device:

  • Touch screen: PDAs and phones that have a touch screen (use a stylus)

  • Non-touch screen: phones that do not have a touch screen (do not use a stylus)

WISER for BlackBerry

These downloads support BlackBerry Smartphones running OS Version 4.5 to Version 7.1. Note that this release requires connectivity to the internet either through your mobile phone carrier or Wi-Fi.

WISER for Palm OS

This download is for PDAs/phones that run Palm OS.

Other Platforms

WISER is available for users of other platforms, including Macintosh, Linux, and Android by accessing WebWISER from their web browser. For additional details on support for these platforms, please see the discussion in our Technical Support FAQ.

Training Resources

Trainers are invited to download ready-made educational materials for training groups of responders on the usage of WISER.